Thursday, February 27, 2020

The Interior Monologue of Gregorio Samsa from Franz Kafka's novel, The Essay

The Interior Monologue of Gregorio Samsa from Franz Kafka's novel, The Metamorphosis - Essay Example However, I know believe that many people in the town played a significant role â€Å" OOH, why are so many people, including my parents and family living a life of want, why does the society appear to create economic divisions, I have never really had money. I have to always meet the monetary needs of family members, who I did not sire in the first place, Could it be that past events are against my success and growth as a person. How could I ever know, now that I am insect with no brain or intellectual power? I despise my family and wish that I had a different father. How could they have abandoned me after turning into an insect? Their attitude is reminiscent of crushing a moth once it outlives its usefulness; I am so tired of them Once again, my mind cannot get rid of the thought that my family abandoned me after transforming into an insect. I think I have to accept the seclusion in order to move forward. Why have they locked me in a room alone? Is it possible that they are now a shamed of me? Of course, I have no hope, I am lost, If my family can attack me for showing up in a public event, what else are they capable of doing. I firmly believe that my family no longer find me useful because of the transformation. I pity the hopelessness, shame and mixed feelings felt by people like me. Their lives are empty, empty, empty. Nothing good can be deduced from it. Many people, especially, all insects live empty lives with no contribution to the society. Why should I worry? My loneliness applies to all insects and many people in the society, again, why should I worry? I believe that abandonment is a representation of people or insects who were discriminated against because of their ethnic backgrounds. Regardless of my loneliness, I have to keep to myself. I cannot stand my pretentious family and their greed. Why don’t they value me like they did before? I have to distance

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